Monday, April 09, 2007

I feel pretty damn spesha (c) gloria carter. Not only were we selected to play the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival but we were announced, email blasted even! I think we were the second announcement at that, i forget who the first was. That makes me feel just a little bit better about the current state of things as they exist. I hear its invite only but invites are not hard to get, just run on over to www. and sign up i think... i think. (i dont know how this works at all lol)

Also in my quest to actually become the internet it seems as if I've acquired yet another blog. I dont wanna jump the gun and preempt anything they got goin on with announcements and such but lets just say that this one is MAJOR, well for me it is anyway you stinking killjoys. It will allow me the breathing room to get back to complaining and whining about the business in this here blog, and i KNOW how much yall love that. Actually I wont whine and complain, ill just get my seedy underbelly on up in here, maybe even make it private and select who i want to be able to read it so taht i can REALLY vent. Guestlist only niggas! I mean if i got 4 blogs (myspace, blogger, kicksclusive, MAJOR) i can make at least one VIP right? we'll see...

So last night i did a lil recording. Lets talk about the songs:

- Raphael Saadiq 'Chic' Piracy Remix - finally did it, FINALLY. If you are reading this and got a mysterious aim at like 10:30ish last night it was me and i was trying to send this song to you for that second set of ears critique. you never answered and i went to bed. its a jam tho, i gotta extend the 2nd verse by like 4-8 more bars tho so its not done... :( but it JAMS!

- 2 Step (all you really need to know) - so umm uh yeah, the guy that did chez tanya slid me this beat thats on his myspace page and i inturn made up a nice little consice answer to the questions i get asked about whats goin on. honestly i think for like 2 bars i get a lil TOO looseygoosey and give a little too much up regarding 'us', plus its a complainy ass song so i dont think it is befitting of being blessed. So ill probably just innercircle that joint or keeep it for me and only me lol. OR maybe ill get a longer version, convert the subject matter and BAM!

- winter in america - this is the DUBJACK joint featuring (hopefully) skyzoo. My verse is about a young mother who cant take the stress of day to day living. this is shaping up to be a VERY interesting project yall. we got some heavy ppl along for the ride and thats all im gonna say. kay is a damn workhorse man. he has sent me about 8 demo's... EIGHT! so i got alot of catching up to do... pray fuh meh (c) lil moe (where is she at? make it official was a JAM, i need that on mp3)


Angie said...

DAYUM....I "slept"!!! GRRRRR! CONGRATS on the Brooklyn hiphop festival!

& said...
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LOQuent said...

damn... and i friggin leave the NYC two days before this.