Tuesday, March 13, 2007



when did these shoes come back? am i trippin or weren't these around MAAAD long ago? then next thing i know i see a few rappers (ummm i wanna say T.I. was the offical first for me (nohomo)) in em and BAM the entire country is rockin em with the tongue out on top of they jeans touchin the bottom of they knee. im not hatin on em at all, i think they actually look kinda decent, but its just kinda weird seeing them so much. is niggas really THAT rich or does canal st. just got a mean bootleg game (pun intended)


and just who coined the phrase 'peek toe pump' i heard it on a clipse song/record a while back and all of a sudden the phrase is everywhere too. where im from they had been called 'open toes' for months. but i guess open toe is for when the entire front of the pump is gone and more than the big and index(?) toe is exposed. peek toe does seem more adequate, than open toe in this case. whatever, i just wanna make sure im gettin my terminology right. and yo them joints are BAD aint they?

and while im kinda sorta discussing fashion a lil bit lets talk watches. particularly white ones.


this is a white ceramic watch by chanel. i have been DYING for a white ceramic watch for a while and it just so happens that outside of the ultra high end retail market these lil puppies havent been cookie cut and mass produced by fossil yet. i know guess had one but i think they stopped sellin it. and it had fake bling in it too. boo. i have stumbled across a decent fake on canal st. but i dont even own a watch so why make the first one i buy a fake? i mean if i had a regular bang around watch i probably would. besides a white watch aint an everyday watch. its an auxillary timepiece, meaning you need a black and/or brown watch first THEN you add the pizazzy snazz. shit if imma go the fake route i may as well get up on some fake bape (say that a few times in the grape apes voice)

i can cop for like 20 on ebay and be so fresh and so clean, lmao. actually i just might. unless yall wanna gimme a gift for being such a great person.


& said...

1) I always thought those Prada kicks looked like Hi-Tec boots. Maybe they're hot again, 'cause the 90's is on the upswing.

maybe folks are just trying too hard.


2)Peep toe/peak toe... doesn't matter. Those are AWESOME and my feet CrY out for'em. Stacked heel... slight platform... foot orgasm. Could wear these alllllll day.

3)you and the white watch. poor soul. You'll get it sooner or later. The white watch could be your everyday steez. You want one so badly, it would become a DW trademark piece. Not too pizzazzy, if you found one @ the right pricepoint, w/out the bling.

4) please, no "fakebapesfakebapesfakebapes"

don't do it!

thats all.

tia said...

umm yeah i was gonna tell you that it's peep toe not peek toe but i was sure someone else would tell you first. and i was right.

Donald Williams said...