Friday, February 09, 2007

Sankofa is a really dope band. Sonically they are well composed, good song writing, good musicianship and GREAT showmanship. Dance is still my favorite song but only cus i know the name of it, they have some JAMS.

Spec Boogie moves too damn much aka he puts on a damn good show

Spec and Elucid murdered it

Che Grand got yall bitches turned out...

i wont comment on how the alphabet lounge treated us. we got no love tho. i realized im out of performance shape, imma holler at the fellas, we need a weekly or bi weekly jam session/performance venue so i dont lose my chops. you know somethin informal and fun for us to exercise and show off for each other. cus losing your breath mid set sucks (WHERE IS ILYAS WHEN I NEED HIM!?!? AQUALUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!)

i will not be speaking on this alleged lessondary tour. i will not be saying that i am going to be putting together a package to solicit to various east coast promoters in the coming weeks. i will not be talking about us wanting to lock down fall dates in: NY, PHILLY, DC, NC, ATL. I will not be mentioning the tentative line up (emc you may need to get some time off in the fall, jsut a week). I will not be talking about this, ill be doing it.. wish me luck...


Pea! said...

sexy thirst day was named after me because i always look thirsty (as well as hungry)

& said...

Dilla "WILD" + DW's Stage Presence + Heineken bottle =

I'm not gonna say it. But you know what I'm thinking.

Donald Williams said...

is that picture your homage to ron muerk (sp?)

if so its scary cus your face is already monolithic (did i use that word right? i didnt wanna say huge)

A Brother Named said...

You already know... just gimme about a months advance notice and consider it a done deal.

& said...

you'se a meanie.
and yes/no it's my Mueck/Sleeping big head pic.

and YES, you used the word correctly.


You wanna be mean? fine.