Monday, February 19, 2007


So I am now an official part of the kicksclusive family. I will be
assisting with their blog and throwing my 2 (fashion) cents in where
need be.

Tune in:

That means if any of you ((coppercoloredgirl)) know about the fly shit
that you wanna put niggas up on, let me know, anything you come across.
Furthermore, put me up on some of that good swag so I can pub your

Shout out to jason, mike, mikey and diane for lookin out. Lets get it!


& said...


I feel a big ol'bout of H.A.T.E coming on.

coppercoloredgal* said...

damn, certainly...mister...

you and your kicks (i got one too...eeeeee$$$$)lol.