Thursday, February 15, 2007

im tryna get hype for sketchpad cus i cant record or write when my spirits are low. Not even on some depression shit but just dealin with life can be alot and weigh heavily on you, so after you fight commuter traffic twice and multi task your day away you are left with little energy to click the on switch just to scratch that itch. i did begin work on the cover art last night tho, so thats got me kinda hype. i just gotta make sure the music matches it, which it does so far...

my only fear with my solo material is that ppl kinda write it off as me rapping for rappers again. thats the underground stigma and why underground dudes dont break on a bigger scale. they rap for each other and not for the world at large. i mean sure you eat mc's and make the break beat break BUT do people relate to you? im tryna break that barrier with sketchpad, thats part of my 'vendetta 07' campaign. so far there is only 2 best lyrical lyricist song, one of which is BARELY making the album and has been voted on and off the album on a daily basis. but the rest of the lp has broad topics, stories and shit like that. i just hope people dont confuse my style for my content. (does that make sense?) i mean im very verbose and alot of what i do hinges on wordplay, syllables and syncopation. i am admittedly lyrical, dense at times, but i just hope ppl dont confuse my topical songs for me tryna murder mc's with my chemical algorithms and shit like that.

for example here are the lyrics to camp cupcake, it is more stream of conciousness than anything but its definitely not killin mc's but its still just kinda dense with a few literary devices. i just hope its not too much for the listener to digest:

its downtime, around the time i found a rhyme to jot down
surrounded by my thoughts now, meditate and plot how
to rearrange my lifestyle, should be sailin yachts now
instead of sellin my time, settlin for less (wow)
blessed child got his own, want more that aint wrong
indulge in whats accessible and fetishize whats not known
mind floatin body anchored, time open i be wasting
blind notions got me chasin mic fame and i been patient
waitin, gainin weight and agin, hair line receedin greyin
prayers he recieve em daily, answers i can hear em maybe
clouded conscience, but yo i doubt its problematic
just a soul bein human doin what i can to manage
its no more than i can handle if it was i woulda broke down
awoke from many nightmares with silent screams chokin out
calm down back to sleep actually thats no rest
body still mind racin all a dream? (yeah i guess)
reflectin on moments gone and some i havent lived yet
found the roots of deja vu and commonly they manifest
sign im in the right place, right time, right then
i bring my world to life, destiny is pre plannned
reach spans the universe, think past and thru the verse
they just words, the meanings thats a job left for you to work

aye aye ayo its downtime
breath a stressful sigh and then im back at it
faced with my fears now but STILL take a stab at it
work ethic turns hectic tasks get served effort
fast from the stress but im snackin on another helpin
dyin from my diet, appetite for a better life
hunger for whats wrong at times and hope it get digested right
blessin for me jsut to write, (nigga wit a voice huh?)
readin was a priveledge workin wasnt choice but
they turned the hoses on us (brainwashed, white washed)
just to give us back ourselves (retaught, we lost)
make me feel like segregation wasnt that bad at all
integrate the fifty states but for us whats the cost
the communities lost and the unity's gone
the bond between the generations almost dissolved
is it too much i hope not, i care that the verse rocks
this time so much not, rather just provoke thought
stimulate a mind or two, demonstrate what plight a do
emmulate the hateful cowards that have been oppressin you
the game made to be bought, they merchandisin us now
market out the culture like somebody want this life style....

aye aye ayo its.... DOWNTIME ((echo))

-i dunno you make the call, either way sketchpad droppin late spring (i just made that loose date up today)


Tia said...

chemical algorithms though?

Pea! said...

call me a dick but camp cupcake is TOO good for people to fully catch it. lol

like, that shit is crazy man. its really hard to say what you want to say and express it all without being a-b-a-b and thats what you did on that joint.

Donald Williams said...

:( @ von peas comment

i dont want to rap to rappers man.

& said...

awww shit. I'ma have to call you and do this one now.

on second thought, I'll leave the rapping for rappers to you.

I'll keep singing for the UK "tastemakers" and ubercool Japanese kids... {they don't really buy records either}