Thursday, February 08, 2007

coppercolored girl wrote this in response to a post i made:

but yeah....artists and dreamers need to find thier oragnizers and realists or vise versa, ta organize that scatter we call a brain...

me?...wanted: organized/dreamer

and i agree. whole heartedly. i as of right now am grappling with 2 solo albums, 2 side projects, a few design ideas, and just random other by the seat of my pants endeavors that come to me with varying degrees of urgency...

it would be nice to have somebody around to help cultivate my scraps of ingenuity. like just somebody else that has an active interest in the end product, and not on some i just wanna see/hear it. not a manager, just an intermediary of sorts.

sidebar: are ready to drop pregnant women supposed to drink coffee?

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a lost young man said...

that's what producers are for.

hint hint.