Saturday, January 13, 2007

I had a dream about my man last night...

Aaanhh.. And his name is... Jimmy Iovine

So last night after a love white castle run I had a dream we were at a
club. Chillin and questlove was dj'n. Quest stopped his set to
acknowledge tanya morgan in the house and figuratively pass the torch.
Then jimmy iovine walked up and offered us a 4 million dollar advance.

I was then awoken all of the change from my pants falling onto my face
and sat up thinking of how ironic and cruel life could be...


sunqinwo said...

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& said...

*looks @ comment above*
what the hell is that? Is that blogger spam? Is that possible? Am I gonna have to give my page a cootie shot?
"click here we all together to turn friends"

You got the cooties.

I hope you get all germy.

Oh, yeah, re:your blog... dream means "the Heavens may open and coinage will fall from above... "

My apologies to Sunqinwo if this is a real friend of yours.

Pea! said...

whats up wit the lotion???? ha