Tuesday, January 30, 2007

a child told me smile thru the hard times
said we forget to take account for whats allright
said we just seem to take it all out on our lives
unhappy mad and out drinkin startin barfights

*(i cant remember the first verse for the life of me)*

i miss me man, this aint what i remember
jaded by the flames of passion that have burned down to the embers
so now im searchin craigslist, hotjobs and monster
with less of a chance than somebody who's fresh outta college
man im fresh outta options not alot i wanna do
and to make matters worse its alot i gotta do
money dont make itself unless you got stock options
and even then its a middle man who's gettin shit poppin
rather be chart toppin than dealin with this day
if my work was fulfillin i could stand this rat race
snails pace on the inside lookin out
it seems all good to you but i dont see what you talkin about
because i live it vivid see the mistakes in technicolor
aint no black or white when grey areas begin to smother
but im in the motherfucker now for better or for worse
passionate about my pen the real gift and the curse


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gmFb said...

"passionate about my pen the real gift and the curse"

and the dimensions of my dreams couldnt fit in this verse
cant hardly concentrate, & the clock's tickin' gets worse
16s that aint hittin, & beats that wont move;
gotta 9-5 in 4 hours, got everything to prove
cause better judgement woulda had me followin moms advice,
its kinda hard to translate "but moms, im nice"
so dont nobody get it, yo the hustle's unforgiving
but we gotta keep on living cause to me? this shit is written
we gotta make it to the second half of the grind
keep the mind off the bullshit, a full clip of rhymes
for the haters and the doubters, and my head to the sky
get the money fuck the bs, til the day that i die
they can put me in the box then, cause im goin down swingin,
bringin everything wit the kid but the kitchen sinkin'
catch me lip synchin singin word for word like blue eyes say?
deez niggas can holla front, word em up "i did it my way"