Sunday, November 26, 2006

it just hit me... im used to not having a job.

like on sunday night i dont get that dreaded 'ive gotta surrender to convention' feeling. and on thursday i dont get that 'its almost celebration time, i made it thru another week' feeling. but i also dont get a paycheck which is not good at all, but there has to be a way to get paid doing what i love be it music, art or photography. i would love for my work days to feel like this, for my work days to feel like they could bleed into weekends and morph into nights and for it to be okay because its a passion and not an occupation. im halfway there...

the sucky thing about this is that other ppl still have that so saturday night is still a big deal. like i may have had a wild weds and thurs so when friday rolls around i could be good watchin tv. not the rest of the world. ppl are like WHAT YOU BETTER BE GOIN OUT! i aint trippin tho, i remember that feeling all too well.

its an odd feeling tho. just kinda living. existing to exist. i want a job kinda but not as much as i want to just continue traveling and living. so what am i gonna do about this predicament? well im moving to ny. i dont know how but i do know i am doing it in december. dont know where im gonna stay, dont have a job lined up or nothing but i have an unemployment check and a nice support system to fall back on.

i been researchin temp agencies and i got a few couches lined up so i think this could be it. like im seriously gonna drive up there, park my car and plan to start my life. as crazy as it sounds, its no crazier than anything else i have done in the past year, shit its LESS crazy to be honest.

in other news i havent worn my glasses all day and i feel fine. okay imma go back to sitting in this chair like i have been. i havent left the house today. and i reall dont feel like leaving at all for the night. cincinnati has been fun and somewhat productive, im falling victim to my own lethargy and procrastination now. i feel it setting in and that cant happen.

on the plate as of right now i have to finish the munny sketches, write 3 verses and send my resume out to a few ppl. lets see how much of this gets done tonight...


A Brother Named said...


ha! ha!

Heir GeorDon - Out Of Your League sometimey 2007 (whether you like it or not... and yes I said sometimey!)


Rosemary said...


I hear that you REALLY are gonna go to NY!!!

Good luck with all that, you know things WILL fall into place.... Eventually. But they will!

Anyway I have finally got around to unpacking from NY and getting pictures downloaded so check the TM e-mail b/c there's some of y'all from CMJ!

Who knows maybe we'll catch up in NY, I'm planning another trip for December.... Alright PEACE.