Sunday, October 22, 2006

So where did we last leave off? I think I was en route to the san jose show. Well that joint turned out pretty dope. best green room/backstage area evar.

The real highlight of the night was my man merrel comin thru and bringin us all a pair of vans. I got the plaid slip on joints.

But Los angeles wasn't no punk either tho and this time I actually enjoyed the city. We hit up roscoes as expected and I decided that I don't know if I like it as much as I did. Its kinda over rated a lil bit. At least that's how I feel anyway. Roscoes may or may not be overrated but it is definitely overpriced. 2.95 for a chicken leg? Nigga please...

But the show was dope. Oddissee and pacific division killed it. I actually jumped on stage when they did act like ya chillin. Its always good seeing my nigga oddisse so sharing the stage was an added bonus and it was nice meting pac div too.* that show was probably the largest crowd we got to rock in front of too.

In other news I'm really mulling over the next few months, what's a nigga to do? I aint tell yall but my job fired the doppleganger which means my position is pretty much open. I don't know if I want to make that move tho, that would mean I kinda gave up you know? ill explain what I mean more later when I'm not sidekick bloggin.

Im formulating a november game plan as I type, all I know is that unemployment is about to run out so a nigga gotta do somethin.

Naptime noodleheads...

*mental note, call dibbs. And while you are at it kaze too. And hit black back up in a week.


mariam said...

you guys get so much cool stuff. i want to be a rapper too and get cool stuff.

i hate you all.

amp.jones said...

yeah... as expected. I hate you. And I hate all the cool swag you got on this tour. If I could, I'd jack yo' kicks son, and just stuff paper tissues in the toes to make'em fit.

You and Filthy.

Damn you and Blast you all to Hell.

{No I gotta take that back. That was a bit mean}

Anonymous said...

okay....first of all which one did you go to(meaning roscoes)...looks like the dena location...i use to work @ that one back in the mean you didn't like their nice "cinnamony" crunchy

...nice shoes....gimmme.


The Rapper With a Dayjob said...

i think the kicks are too small yall... by a half size


and it was the pico and lebrea joint fungie

Anonymous said...

the after hours roscoes that one can stop traffic @ 2am...oh and its shway???.....fungshway????.....not fungie....ugh, that just sounds nasty...smirk...