Sunday, October 15, 2006

For once I wish I had gas

we were coming back from collecting donut samples when i realized we were close to lombard. the tourist in me would not let me pass up the chance to sight see. this is lombard street, right hehind the top of the hill is a steep ass hill with kinda flatish landing on top. we ran out of gas on the landing and ended up walking the ends of the earth lookin for a gas can. talk about fun. we ended up walking down to pier 39 and it was dope, i really need to head down there again one day when im not broke or tired from walking looking for gas

but just walking around and lookin at the city, san fran is gorgeous as hell. i mean even san quentin got a view of the water, i hear they cant see shit but still, at least they can rest assured that less than a mile or two away ppl are having a great time. but its a real romantic city, the whole pier area just made me wish i was on a date and not hunting down gas...

the night before we did a surprise set with our honor roll fam and spank pops out at the poleng lounge. i will say this, they are a hard act to follow and it was dope as fuck sharing the stage with them. thats the homie track and josie stingray doin their joint grocery bills. i would do the whole myspace page link thing but im too lazy, hit up my joint and i think he in my top 24.

i was scaring the shit outta people in downtown san fran too, i was just tryna stay warm tho... lol. shout out to noni in the background...

its been a long weekend tho. today i literally did nothing outside of walk tot he store and shower. we are CHILLING. im eatin caramel apple cheesecake and drankin heineken. i hit up the method man show last night and that shit was INCREDIBLE. dude still got it, he gave a helluva show, after a concert, a club, runnin outta gas, walking the city and diggin for records, i deserve to stay in for a day. suckas

imma go do what i was doin.

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amp.jones said...

Might sound stupid, but why couldn't you guys coast down Lombard St.?