Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tour hell

So last night was tour hell. Our largest paying date to date was pretty much a dud. The promoters flaked on guaranteed money and as a result cats were kinda tight. Niggas was threatining all kinda shit and it made me feel even more cavalier in my attitude towards this whole situation. Honestly I still don't think this was a mistake, just a poorly planned venture. I say that because this is one of several shows we have not received compensation for, actually we have yet to be paid in full for a date.

But its gotta work, no fucking choice yo.

Me and von found our way into a strip club by accident and I had an invigorating conversation with a wigged young lady named desire. She said that grand rapids dancers can't get fully nude, sucks. I gave her a dollar cus she was workin hard and nobody in the club was even payin her
no attention. It was kinda sad.

At anyrate we went back to the hotel (sans strippers thank you very much) and called it a night afterwards.

So right now we are in chitown on our way to soundcheck. Shit is cool cus I got family here so it feels like we are at home you know? Real comfortable. I tried to trade in my phone but imma just have to make good on my insurance when I get to denver and got a few days to kill.
Sucks tho cus now I just got a cracked screen phone for 3-4 days. So if you call me and I say who is this don't get mad at me, yell @ verizon.

In other news I had my harolds chicken and it was demuthafuckinlicious and fuck the 87th street verizon store.

I hate soundcheck...

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