Monday, September 25, 2006

Tanya Morgan has officially left the New Royalty Tour

In case you are wondering why i been bloggin from chicago for the past two days and not from green bay or whatever the next stop is its because after our show at the note in chicago we have officially parted ways with tableek and psuedo slang. the ominous question that keeps getting posed is why? why would these dudes cancel an entire tour not even midway thru it?

for vons side of the story check out
for the labels statement hit up
for my side of the story keep reading...

first of all if you have been following my blog then you would have known that i changed my entire life behind goin on tour. i moved to dc, got a dream job, fought hard to have it and walked away from it for this tour and a life as a musician. well i havent necessarily abandoned any of this at all. its just that finishing out the tour would have actually cost us more money than it would have made us. from a financial standpoint it simply didnt make sense at all to me. there were shows when we as a group (including tour manager) were forced to break down like 60 dollars and then kick in gas money and at the end of the day thats like performing for nothing at all.

basically all of this boils down to the tour not being properly set up in my opinion. i mean i am over here bent up behind not doin the rest of the shows and seeing the rest of the cities i had my mind worked up to see but at the end of the day if we are just kinda paying out of pocket and losing money to do shows then its kinda a bad decision.

i could go on and on about everything and when i get to sit down longer than 15 minutes i just might but for now just know that we will fulfill denver, san fran, dc and nyc and we will also be adding other shows to the best of our ability. this is not for naught at all.

actually if anybody has anyquestions about our decision to leave the tour feel free to ask me via this entry and ill answer them in the blog directly you know? that way its less of me rambling and more of me answering.

okay so we are about to go get a rental and drive to lincoln nebraska and crash for the night, then we gotta drive the rest of the way to denver in the morning... its 11 hours in total but we only doin 7 tonight. so ill see yall later.

again best of luck to tableek and psuedo slang, everything is amicable and we even dont rule out working with them in the future, its just this time was not in our best interest to continue. to the ppl who were comin out to see us or plannin on it nad their city got canceled, know that we are going to miss seeing you alot more than you can imagine you will miss seeing us. seriously...

we will make it up to yall soon...
trust me



Angie said...

Thank you SO much for explaining the cancellation! I'm disappointed...but understand yawll's standpoint. I do wish you the best on the rest of the cities and hopefully another tour will pop off for yawll.

The Write Brother said...

I admire your guys honesty, passion and drive. Speaking from someone who knows a bit of what it is you speak, it is truly disheartening. Now we all know it wasn't going to be a cakewalk, but we never expect it to be a pie in the face either. I love you dudes AS family, not like family, and you know I'm steadily trying to help in anyways I can. This is no different. I straightened out my thinking cap that was to the back and I've already communicated to Dom,if there's anything I can do - let me knoooooooooooooooooooow!
Stay strong, keep the faith and be you man.