Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mr Bob Doppleganger

Moving day is rapidly approaching and believe it or not I'm almost ready. All I gotta do is call this storage space and see if they got any room left. Also gotta call my apt and see if its okay that I move out on friday instead of thurs, if not then its gonna be a minor issue. My shoes will be goin to my cousins house... *sniffle* that picture is only half of the stash I had in md. 33 boxes... not nearly enough.

Work is wrapping up well. I said peace to my man pete rock seeing as how he will be gone till sept and has held me down at the gig since day one, imma miss my dude mayne. And I said hello to mr doppleganger (mr bob-doppleganger) he's a pretty cool dude but you could tell he aint settled in yet at all. It was like being with myself on the first day my job all over again lol. Son was trippin offa eatin with a view of the monument, they bookin him tickets to la (I was supposed to be going) and just the job in general. Wait til he sees the job fisrt hand, he is gonna be turned out. That's a really dope job.

Musicwise we got a few more shows and a few new songs. Whoppeeee. Imma go enjoy my busride now and spaz out thinkin of my life and all the immediate change goin on. Its a lot to digest...

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