Friday, August 18, 2006

im in the library on the internet right now cus i dont have no internet at home and i pretty much dont have to work on any fridays this month. i have come to the realization that myspace has taken over the world. every computer in here (im on cpu #56) is logged onto myspace. shits is amazing man..

tom is a genius lol...

but yah i just wanted to say hi. i aint blogged in a minute. my finger nails were too long to be typin on my sidekick so i aint blog there. and at work i was SOOO busy that i just never got to tell yall about my latest story... BAD THAI not pad thai; bad thai.

we went to some spot over in china town and INSTANTLY upon walkin in the door i got nauseous. whatever tho a nigga was hungry so i was like word imma fuck soem shit up. pete rock (my coworker) was like 'yo you gotta try this soup' i tried it and it made the nausea worse. not to mention it had some crazy ass seeded up green pepper in it which i bet and was brought to tears from the spicyness of it. i usually order pad see ew or something and this time i got the pad gai. SON. i want to blame it on the garlic sauce. after 4 bites and a little bit of the beef curry dish pete rock had i threw up a little bit in my mouth and went to the bathroom thinkin i was gonna earl some more. well i didnt, and i also didnt finish my food.

im a thai food fan and i want some right now. but that spot was bad... HORRIBLE even. erybody liked they food but me. i dont know why. the smoothie i got from ben and jerry's made it a little better but i still tasted garlic for like half of the smoothie.

at anyrate i gotta get outta here. its 3:30 and i havent eaten yet. i dont know what im gonna do this weekend outside of go to a baby shower but i know im not going to delaware, and taht makes me sad...

very sad

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