Friday, August 11, 2006

the almighty tanya morgan...

in case you didnt know im in ohio for scribble jam. tanya morgan was booked for the meet n greet on thursday night and these are shots from the set we did. it was one of our better performances. cincinnati came thru and held it down for us which felt really good. its always been kinda scary doin shows here for me cus its home so i get extra jitters about it but it was dope to see familiar faces and those i didnt know rockin out with us. my moms even came thru... whats f*ckin with that? ill tell you what, this was our first show ever with brick beats on the wheels... man shit was dope

i finally got to meet pumpkinhead and oddisee and i bumped into murs for the umpteenth time. thanks to them bumping our show time up he missed our set again. one day murray, one day. i actually bumped into so many ppl last night that i need to kill the grocery list shit and just say it was dope seeing everybody again and for the first time.

so today we get to see the main stage show and hold down our booth all while movin the merch. hopefully we can go platinum between friday and saturday. we finally got the key local stores to stock our cd, so if you are in cincinnati reading this blog you can cop from everybodies, cd game exchange, rhumba records and shake it... SO GO! GO NOW AND COP!

imma go shower