Sunday, June 25, 2006

Willie Wonka aint got sh!t on Questlove

It is rumored that jay-z's reasonable doubt 10th anniversary show sold out radio city music hall in 10 minutes, with tickets goin at $150 a pop. I never even considered goin at that price but thanks to questo and okp I found myself holding 2 of the coveted dress rehearsal tickets. So I trooped up to nyc in that vicious rain that has been all over the news to pick up my tickets, dropped off my bags and headed right back to the venue to eat and get in line.

A few notable ppl were showing up as we stood on line (someday ill be notable to eveybody else lol). I saw jean grae, m-1, and even bumped into the homie lupe fiasco who had just got done rocking a soggy brooklyn hiphop festival.

After gettin inside and waiting for roughly 2 hours the curtains opened and shit got real. All I will say is that the people that paid for this show are getting more than their money's worth. Jigga and the illadelphonics (an orchestra featuring questlove, james poyser and just blaze) shut shit down. Outside of memphis bleek and sauce money none of the speculated special guests showed up (nas, mary, foxy) but pain in da ass was there which was dope as hell.

When they finished doin the reasonable doubt material the illadelphonics proceeded to exit the stage and leave just and jigga ro juggle through a few jams. Jay simply has too many hits man, he ran through like 15 songs after doin the RD material and that still wasn't the tip of his iceberg.

The crowd was crazy. Die hard fans, new the songs better than jay at points. It was these two 16 year old girls standin by me goin nuts, knew every word to every song. They were 10 when this album dropped yall, tell me that aint nuts.

All in all as I drive home right now exhausted and dying for a shower I'm ecstatic. Idda loved to see the real show though cus you know the guests are gonna be crazy.

I'm just glad I got to see the show, with or without the special guests.

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