Thursday, January 12, 2006


Introducing Donwill: one third of the critically acclaimed Tanya Morgan, one half of Ilwil and all of MC Dayjob.

1 - The Homeless Shelter 5 Song Snippets*
2 - Maybe You and I - Produced by Wale Oyejide
3 - Sitting at the Bar (Performing as Tanya Morgan) - Produced by Suburb
4 - All You Need to Know - Produced by CJ
5 - Perfect Angels - Produced by Jamie Cooley
6 - God Protects Me (Performing as Ilwil) - Produced by Suburb

* 5 Song Snippets are sequenced in the same order as the preceeding full length tracks that are numbered 2 thru 5

Tanya Morgan's Moonlighting was one of 2006's most important releases, what does that have to do with Donwill? Everything. As the story goes Tanya Morgan is a collective of soloists and a group bound together by their mutual friendship and love of music. As a member of this oddly named trio, Donwill helped in crafting one of the years most timeless releases. From songwriting to marketing his input was instrumental in the entire Moonlighting campaign. It was a combination of Donwill's drive and the collective's sound that helped Tanya Morgan solidify write-ups from well-respected publications like The Source and XXL, and heavy rotation on college radio shows around the country.

The Homeless Shelter is a further extension of Donwill's drive and creativity. It is meant to be a haven for a few of the songs in his extensive solo catalog, but the title itself implies so much more. Simply stated, music is his shelter and without he is homeless.

You might be wondering why The Homeless Shelter is found at the beginning of Donwill's personal blog. Well, what better of an introduction to an artist's life than thru an all encompassing daily journal of their life, from work to music. Since the music and the words in the blog are intrinsic to one another, you the listener not only get to experience his music but walk thru the days that inspired him to compose these and countless other songs. As a writer Donwill is currently a contributor for several sections of and He has also done work for RIME magazine, and several other media outlets.

Reviews, interviews and other press associated with prior Tanya Morgan and Ilwil releases that Donwill was a part of can be found here.


Performing As Tanya Morgan:
Tanya Morgan - Sunlighting Mixtape
Tanya Morgan - Sunset... The EP
Tanya Morgan - Take the L (Get It) b/w Paper Thin 12"
Tanya Morgan - We Be b/w Stay Tuned 12"
Tanya Morgan - Moonlighting
The Lessondary Presents - Welcome to Loud Minority
Spec Boogie - Brass Knuckle Rap Hustle
Che Grand - Official Bootleg Import

Performing As Ilwil:
Ilwil - The Sound Control EP
Ilwil -The Beat Thieves Mixtape
- The Dutch Masters Vol 1
Neblina - Hip Hop The Compilation
Notta Kyl and Ilwil - One Life is Not Enough

Peforming as Donwill:
Spec Boogie - On My Grind
Von Pea - Grand Vonye
Che Grand - The Fixtape
Little Brother - The Minstrel Show
Wale Oyejide - Africa Hot! (The Afrofuture Sessions)
R.E.D.A. - Play the Grind (featuring Main Flow & Donwill) 12"

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